Anthony Surace

CTO, Developer, FinTech, Photography, Travel, etc.
Mexico City, MX
36 K

Welcome to my homepage. I am an entrepreneur in the fintech and travel tech industries. I also serve as fractional CTO, board member, and advisor for a variety of start-ups. Previously I worked in data mining/targetting, as an application developer for major corporations and media firms, and in the leviathan that is the American political system.

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NomadTag is a travel blogging platform I built. I wanted functionality more customized to traveling than other blog software offered so I created my own. It was originally intended to be a personal blog, but was expanded to accomodate other users and to incorporate social networking features. Visit my blog on NomadTag for updates on my travels.

> Anthony Surace on NomadTag


My previous homepage was mostly embedded Flickr galleries of my photos. You can find them all on Flickr.

> Anthony Surace on Flickr

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